Microsoft To Make XP Lite For EeePC

Aron Schatz
April 15, 2008

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Microsoft is starting to see the real competition from Linux in the form of ultra portable notebooks. They will go back to XP and strip it to work well on small devices. Why did this happen now and not years ago? That's what happens when you have a monopoly.


Disappointingly, the OS image hasn’t even been updated with the latest versions of Windows Media Player, Windows Live Messenger and so on. This makes for a massive update session the first time the user goes online, and that’s not a good way to start the relationship. Supplied CDs include the XP Home OEM install disc and Asus’ support DVD containing the necessary XP drivers and a recovery utility.

However, it’s worth noting that Asus is prepping a special edition Eee PC that will be preloaded with a cut-down version of XP which is expected to be available within the next eight weeks. Emmanuele Silanesu, National Retail Manager for ASUSTeK Australia, told apcmag "we’ve been working with Microsoft on a special condensed version of XP which has just passed the R&D tests this week". The pared-back image, which includes the Microsoft Works suite and will be based on Windows XP Home with SP3, "will be approximately 1.5-1.8GB in total depending on Windows updates" Silanesu says.

Funny that they won't bother making a stripped down Vista, huh?


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