ISO: Please Stop Bashing Us!

Aron Schatz
April 14, 2008

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Even though ISO has allowed itself to be bought by Microsoft, they are calling for a cease fire from the bashing. Personal attacks aren't warranted unless the attack is truthful. ISO was bought by Microsoft and now we've got two document standards that Microsoft won't follow anyway.


One result of the SC 34 meeting was an open letter, signed by 30 members, which read: "We the undersigned participants at this SC 34 meeting wish to make it clear that we deplore the personal attacks that have been made during the [OOXML] standardisation project in recent months. We believe standards debate should always be carried out with respect for all parties, even when they strongly disagree. We call on all organisations and individuals involved in SC 34 standardisation to support this view, and to refrain from initiating or engaging in any such personal attacks."


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