Microsoft Bids $44.6 Billion For Yahoo

Aron Schatz
February 2, 2008

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Yahoo. Not really, Microsoft has bid $44.6 Billion for the online giant. If Microsoft did succeed in purchasing Yahoo, expect a duopoly of internet media in the form of Microsoft and Google. That may be worse for the market.


Yahoo said in a responding statement that its board "will evaluate this proposal carefully and promptly, in the context of Yahoo's strategic plans, and pursue the best course of action to maximize long-term value for shareholders." The deal comes as Microsoft and Yahoo have both struggled to compete against Google. Microsoft didn't mention Google by name in its announcement, but it did indicate that its acquisition bid was aimed squarely at its rival. "Today, the market is increasingly dominated by one player, who is consolidating its dominance through acquisition," Microsoft said. "Together, Microsoft and Yahoo can offer a credible alternative."

These marketing pieces are riddled with cruft that you need to read through.


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