Vendors Will Follow The Money Of Open Source

Aron Schatz
February 1, 2008

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That's what is being said by one of Intel's open source guys at an open source conference. Linux alone will see huge increases in installs. This is really thanks to Ubuntu. Power users may be fighting it, but the easier the distro is to use (AND INSTALL SOFTWARE), the more pervasive Linux will get.


However, he also warned that the prospect of moving from being Windows-centric to supporting over 200 flavours of Linux could sound unnecessarily daunting. Therefore, educating vendors, particularly smaller manufacturers, about what’s actually involved in going open source is essential to combating misunderstandings. "They don’t understand that once you’re in the upstream kernel you’re ok," he said. Hohndel pointed out that companies were also often misinformed about the legal risks of going open source, or were afraid of damaging their reputation. Another concern cited by hardware companies was a fear that their products would be damaged.

I wonder who is spreading all the FUD...?


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