Nokia Buys Trolltech

Aron Schatz
January 28, 2008

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Trolltech makes QT, the libraries that KDE is built on. Nokia is said to have paid a scant $150 million for Trolltech. Hopefully this will spur more KDE and QT development. Nokia has a large stake in Linux with many of their devices.


The acquisition of Trolltech will enable Nokia to accelerate its cross-platform software strategy for mobile devices and desktop applications, and develop its Internet services business. With Trolltech, Nokia and third party developers will be able to develop applications that work in the Internet, across Nokia’s device portfolio and on PCs. Nokia’s software strategy for devices is based on cross-platform development environments, layers of software that run across operating systems, enabling the development of applications across the Nokia device range. Examples of current cross-platform layers are Web runtime, Flash, Java and Open C.


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