Say No To HR4137

Aron Schatz
January 21, 2008

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The copyright cartels worked their lobbying magic and weeded a clause into a federal student aid bill. The bill DENIES any college that doesn't install filtering software on their internet connection, as well as brainwash their students into how copyrights are totally good for society, any federal funding. The MPAA says that that's how it should be. Sorry, college is about learning. Don't bring corporate policy into government spending on education. Call your congressmoron and say no to HR4137 or remove the copyright mandate.


The bill also would hang an unspoken threat over the heads of university administrators. In response to concerns that potential penalties for universities could include a loss of federal student aid funding, the MPAA's top lawyer in Washington said that federal funds should be at risk when copyright infringement happens on campus networks. Moreover, earlier versions of "Campus-based Digital Theft Prevention" proposals nakedly sought to make schools that received numerous copyright infringement notices subject to review by the US Secretary of Education.


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