New Hampshire Republican Primary Numbers

Logan King
January 6, 2008

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It seems McCain (who is not Ron Paul, but is closest to being Ron Paul in the party) has a little lead over Romney (who is the opposite of Ron Paul) according to a Rasmussen Reports telephone survey. Ron Paul (who, ironically, is Ron Paul) is a distant third, and recent caucus winner Huckabee is down in 4th.


The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in New Hampshire shows John McCain leading Mitt Romney by five percentage points. It’s McCain 31% Romney 26%. The survey was conducted Friday night, the night following the Iowa caucuses. As noted yesterday on Rasmussen Reports, McCain was one of the big winners on Thursday in Iowa. The current poll is a reversal from a pre-Christmas survey when Romney had a slight advantage.

Ron Paul earns 14% of the vote and Mike Huckabee gets 11% as the only other candidates in double digits. Rudy Giuliani attracts 8% of the vote, Fred Thompson 5%, some other candidate 2%, and 3% are not sure.

McCain and Romney are tied among Republicans likely to vote in the Primary but McCain has an advantage among Independent voters. Independents are still more likely to participate in the Democratic Primary. Still, the survey suggests that 32% of voters in the GOP Primary will be unaffiliated with either major party.

Considering Ron Paul has no chance in hell of winning the Presidency, McCain would be a decent Republican alternative. Just be glad Rudy Guiliani and Air Traffic Controller Trudeau are also very far away from winning anything.


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