No LTS For Kubuntu

Aron Schatz
December 31, 2007
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The KDE based distribution from Canonical will not receive Long Term Support due to the KDE4 release. KDE4 is too new, and KDE3.5 is too old. Tough position.


Will a bug in KDE 3.5 receive upstream attention in March 2011?
In order for Canonical to make a commercial commitment to their customers, who have signed contracts and terms of service with them, they need to be sure that they can honour the terms of their agreements. The KDE upstream position appears clear, KDE 4 is the focus of developer attention; KDE 3.5 will be supported as long as KDE 4 isn't suitable for support. Given the attention being paid to KDE 4, it is difficult to believe that this will not be the preferred release in three years time. Thus it is difficult to guarantee that upstream will still support the current stable series for the timescale required.


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