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December 12, 2007
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I've migrated to using Ask a few months ago. Not really because I liked them more than anyone else, but they seemed to be an alternative to the Google monster. I'm glad they're implementing this. It gives internet users the choice to browse the internet without being tracked.


"For those of us worrying about online privacy, Oakland-based gives people the power to prevent their search from being deposited in data banks. The new privacy control, named “Ask Eraser” is scheduled to be unveiled on Tuesday. The new feature enables users to delete records of all future search queries from Ask.Com’s servers. "For people who are worried about search privacy, we let them take the issue off the table completely rather than dickering with questions about how long we'll store their search information or what we do with it," said Jim Lanzone,'s chief executive. The new feature comes as many people complain about search engines compiling records about their queries because the records could be subpoenaed or mined by advertisers."


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