AMD's Firestream 9170 Introduced

November 9, 2007
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AMD has finally introduced a graphics integrated processor since it's ATI acquisition. It's quite expensive, but an excellent step forward. I'm sure it will eventually lead to cheaper consumer market processors.


"The FireStream 9170 features up to 500 GFlops, or 500 billion floating point operations per second. AMD's second generation stream processor is built with a 55 nanometer manufacturing process and consumes less than 150 watts of power. The processor is a single-card product with 2Gbytes of onboard GDDR3 memory to compute large datasets without CPU traffic. Asynchronous direct memory access provides data flow without interrupting the stream processor or CPU. The FireStream SDK enables software developers to access application programming interfaces and specifications for performance tuning at the lowest-level of the processor, and for compatibility with future chips. The SDK is also available to develop third-party tools. The AMD FireStream 9170 is scheduled to ship in the first quarter of next year at a price of $1,999."


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