Vista Adoption Slow

Aron Schatz
October 29, 2007
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Specifically for business, Vista's adoption is slow. Microsoft has to repeatedly has to stop forcing Vista down people's throat. This is one OS that people actually stood up and said they don't want it. Microsoft is bowing to the pressure. I didn't think it would happen.


Even some consumers and small businesses have been opting for the downgrade path. Dell and other PC makers brought back XP on consumer and small-business machines early in the year, while more recently, some PC makers have made it easier for those buying Vista machines to return to XP. Ballmer said that while there may be a few PCs still on the market that have XP, it's Vista that consumers are buying. "Yes, there's one or two models you can find someplace in the world of PCs that don't run Windows Vista," Ballmer said. "But the machines that sell all run Windows Vista." Still, Microsoft recently bowed to concerns from large PC makers and said they wouldn't have to stop selling XP machines in January, giving them instead until the end of June to sell the operating system.

Sorry Ballmer, there are more than a couple of models that still sell XP.


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