MPAA And Crackers

Aron Schatz
October 22, 2007
Tags P2P Legal MPAA

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It seems that the MPAA does more illegal things of its own. It hires people to break into sites and steal information. To them, anything that stops copyright infringement is needed... They should be held accountable for these despicable tactics.


On June 8, 2005, within weeks of sending his unsolicited e-mail, Anderson says he was put in touch with the MPAA's Dean Garfield, then the organization's legal director. Anderson says he told Garfield that he had "an informant that can intercept any e-mail communication." Anderson didn't tell Garfield he was the "informant," and that he'd already hacked into TorrentSpy's systems. The hacker, then 23 and living in Vancouver, British Columbia, claims he had cracked TorrentSpy's servers by simply guessing an administrative password. He knew the password was weak -- a combination of a name and some numbers.


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