Wii Zapper Rated 18+ in Britian.

Logan King
October 21, 2007

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In what can only be a hilarious joke, but is actually a testament to the moronic tendencies of British lawmakers, the PEGI has given the peripheral Wii Zapper an age rating. Why? Well, I guess it vaguely looks sort of like a gun, even though it is merely a base for the Wiimote.


Apparently, little plastic vaguely gun-shaped thingies are more dangerous than we thought. Over in the the U.K. the Wii Zapper has already received a PEGI-18 rating for when it is released next month. That seems kind of strange to do for a peripheral; even stranger when you consider that it comes bundled with Link’s Crossbow Training, which is mostly derived from a game that received a “T for Teen” rating in the U.S.


I wonder when people realize the flaw in this when they see how little kids can walk into a toy store with a dollar and walk out with a toy ray gun that is infinitely more gun-looking that this is.


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