Sony not going to replace 60gb PS3

Logan King
October 8, 2007

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An now it is guaranteed: Sony will not replace the 60gb model, allowing European sales to tank harder.


Following the previous announcement that the £349 60GB PS3 bundle that includes two first-party titles is only going to be available for a limited time, UK gamers had hoped Sony would be bringing the 80GB model, already out in the US, to our shores. However, in a statement Sony Computer Entertainment Europe said that "as the 60GB stock is depleted the £299 40GB sku will be the only version available going forward".
Gamers considering whether to invest in a PS3 this Christmas will at least for now have two versions of the console to choose from - the £349 60GB model and the £299.99 40GB model.


Having defied all expectation over their stupidity, Sony still continues to give Europeans the shaft with the hope that they won't notice. What morons.


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