Sony to Introduce 2nd, cheaper PS3 for Europe.

Logan King
October 7, 2007

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After weeks of speculation Sony has officially unveiled the lower-spec 40GB PlayStation 3 and has announced that it's heading to the UK on October 10 at the cut-down cost of 299 GBP. What's more, Sony is also slashing the cost of the 60GB PS3 down to 349 GBP.

The lower capacity hard drive aside, the entry level 40GB PS3 only has two USB ports (compared to the usual four), the multi-memory card port has been removed and the machine will not be backwards compatible with PlayStation 2 titles, because Sony reckons there has been "reduced emphasis placed on this feature amongst later purchasers of PS3".


No PS2 support? Screw that. I hope Sony doesn't get it into their minds that people don't want PS2 support when people begin to flock to the system simply because of its lower price. Especially since they have announced that they are killing the 60gb as well (I personally think it is so they can replace it with the 80gb model, but who knows?).


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