Why Blogs Are Useless

Aron Schatz
September 19, 2007

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I really wanted to show everyone why blogs should not be used as real news. Here's a good example. News.com starting blogging about a year ago and they used to label the blogs in their RSS feed... not anymore. All of the stories now are pretty much crappy blog stories...

Let's take some content...

Will free office suites supplant Microsoft as the industry leader?


Quite a bit of talk has arisen today over two of Microsoft's competitors (Google and IBM) offering free office suites in an attempt to supplant Microsoft as the office king. And now that this is happened, some are wondering if Microsoft will finally face reality and offer its own Office product for free so it can compete.

The possibility of having Word, Excel, Powerpoint and the rest for free sure sounds awfully nice, but if you think Microsoft would give it up for free, you're dreaming.

As NPD announced just last week, Office 2007 is performing extremely well. According to the research firm, Office 2007 on Windows is selling at roughly double the rate of Office 2003. Will two free solutions alter the unprecedented sales figures Microsoft is currently enjoying? Not a chance.

So that sounds fairly well off, right? Nope. First of all, Google's so-called office suite is only online and doesn't really compete with MS Office. The second is that IBM isn't offering Open Office... Open Office is open source and 'offered' by Sun! But in reality, it is offered by anyone willing to compile the source.

Let's move on...


As someone who has used both Google's Office Suite and another free product, OpenOffice, I can say that neither of those programs can possibly stack up to Windows Office. Believe me, I wish I could say that both do, but the sad truth is they don't.

Sorry, most reasonably technical people know the difference between Windows and MS Office. This is where I stopped reading. But I continued again...


For example, try to do everything you can in Excel on a free Office solution and I'll guarantee you'll be back to Redmond in no time. Regardless of where your loyalties lie, it's impossible to compare these free products with Office -- the support is horrible, the interface is a bit clunky and all of them are underpowered. In fact, OpenOffice is better-equipped to compete with Office 97 than Office 2007.

That's a pretty good lie. OpenOffice Calc does everything that Excel does. I've used it and still do. Calc has different functions and such, but it is feature complete. This is a good example of someone not bothering to learn anything different.



Sad as it is, we're cultivating an Office software market that is utterly dominated by one company. And whether or not we like it, the business world runs on Office.

Now go pay too much money for a $50 software suite. Trust me, you'll like it.

Most people don't like paying for MS Office and usually get it from someone else. Yes, they perform infringement. If Microsoft clamped down on those, you'll see the free solutions really sky rocket.


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