Gutsy On The Way

Aron Schatz
August 26, 2007
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Remember that the new Ubuntu release is almost a month away. Gutsy will bring loads of enhancements and such. I'm preparing to redo my main computer and will likely install the Kubuntu version of Gutsy. That's how I roll!


Printing also has had an overhaul, with a virtual "PDF printer" set up by default to allow any application to output into PDF format. The old printer management system has been replaced and a new configuration tool should mean that printers are set up just by plugging them in and turning them on, developers said. The Tribe 5 release also includes the latest version of the Gnome desktop, the public test version of what will become Gnome 2.20. Other additions scheduled for the final release include faster desktop search, fast user switching, a new deskbar applet and the AppArmor security framework, released as open-source software by Novell. The final release is scheduled for October 18.


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