Cellulosic Ethanol Is The Future

Aron Schatz
August 14, 2007

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The USA is stupid for using corn-based ethanol for fuels. Cellulosic-based ethanol can use nearly any plant by-product for ethanol production. This mean that food prices won't increase because of fuel. And don't get me started on how wasteful getting ethanol from corn is.


Making ethanol from forestry or agricultural waste does not involve the same intensive farming as corn, which requires more water and labor, cellulosic ethanol proponents say. Also, in the ongoing food-versus-fuel debate, cellulosic ethanol advocates say that forests don't compete for land with food crops. The Soperton, Ga., plant will be using wood cast away by loggers. Trees are hauled to a central point where their tops and branches are cut off, providing the material for Range Fuels' multi-step thermochemical process. Tree branches will go into a large tank where enough heat and pressure are applied to the mix to turn it into a gas. That synthetic gas is treated and then passed through a chemical catalyst which converts the gas to alcohol. Finally, the alcohol gas is converted to fuels and then turned into liquid.


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