US Senators Want Universal Filtering Of Internet

Aron Schatz
July 26, 2007

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Talk about invasion of privacy and free speech. The moron known as Ted Stevens wants to filter the entire internet to "protect the children." This argument holds NO value in my eyes. DO NOT FILTER MY INTERNET. Let parents do their own jobs. Remember that COPA was already shot down because it was a violation of free speech.


"Given the increasingly important role of the Internet in education and commerce, it differs from other media like TV and cable because parents cannot prevent their children from using the Internet altogether," Sen. Stevens said. "The headlines continue to tell us of children who are victimized online. While the issues are difficult, I believe Congress has an important role to play to ensure that the protections available in other parts of our society find their way to the Internet." The measures they are calling for include directing the Federal Communications Commission to identify industry practices "that can limit the transmission of child pornography" and requiring the Federal Trade Commission to form a working group to identify blocking and filtering technologies in use and "identify, what, if anything could be done to improve the process and better enable parents to proactively protect their children online."


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