AT&T And Apple Differ On iPhone Sales

Aron Schatz
July 26, 2007

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It seems that the joint venture between Apple and the biggest Bell is doing well... The problem is that they can't get their sales figures to reflect each other.


AT&T's second explanation was that Apple's 270,000 iPhones included sales of iPhones through Apple's online store, which obviously couldn't have been activated the first weekend since Apple is quoting two- to four-week lead times for iPhones ordered online. But Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer specifically said on the conference call that the 270,000 units reflected only iPhones that were sold to AT&T for distribution through its network of retail stores and iPhones sold through Apple's retail stores. No iPhones sold through Apple's online store were included as part of that 270,000 unit figure, the company later confirmed.


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