Nearly 1/3rd of XBox 360s fail, apparently

Logan King
June 25, 2007

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Said By SmartHouse

Retailers are claiming that Microsoft has had to handle a failure rate of over 30% with their Xbox 360 console. More than 100 consumers have written to SmartHouse complaining of either poor service from Microsoft or total failure of their gaming console. One consumer was even given back a refurbished unit in exchange for their original Xbox console

Several months ago SmartHouse raised the issue of potential problems with the Xbox 360 after several readers wrote to us complaining of persistent failures. Even one of our testing Xbox 360 systems that we use to review software failed and had to be returned to Microsoft for repair. Other consumers have complained of sending off their Xbox for repair only to get a different re furbished unit back.

Its kinda sensationalism-like, so I\'m sure the numbers and percentages are rather high (I'm guessing the real percentage is actually closer to 20-25% than "over 30%"), but I found it an interesting read. I thought it was kind of ridiculous that some parts included were pieces like "contemplating the cost of a PS3," though.


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