Mozilla Complains About Safari

Aron Schatz
June 18, 2007

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A Mozilla Exec is complaining about how Apple went about the Safari release on Windows. They don't like the duopoly that Apple is predicting.


In the speech predicting how Apple would grow its market share, Jobs showed a slide with Safari dominating almost a quarter of the market--a market shared only with a single other browser, Internet Explorer. Lilly says he doesn't believe that this was an omission or simplification, but instead an indication that Jobs is hoping to steal the users of Firefox and other smaller browsers in order to run a "duopoly" with Redmond. "This worldview that Steve gave a glimpse into betrays (Apple's) thinking: it's out-of-date, corporate-controlled, duopoly-oriented, not the-Web-thinking. And it's not good for the Web. Which is sort of moot, I think, because I don't think this two-party world will really come to be," Lilly said in his blog.


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