MPAA: Committed To Fair Use?

Aron Schatz
April 26, 2007

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With DRM of course. Though they completely sidestep the issue that the DMCA disallows breaking DRM encryption. This is the case even for fair use which is totally legal for everyone. Those bastards.


The MPAA does recognize that progress on DRM needs to be made soon, or impatient consumers will increasingly turn to unauthorized sources for content. "We're working on this right now, trying to find ways to make it interoperable," he said, but added that pricing and business models for such a system are "way beyond my pay grade." Dean Garfield, VP of Legal Affairs for the MPAA, told me that he has confidence in the market to sort all of these issues out. "You have to give some thought to how young the digital distribution market is," he said. "I suspect that the issues confounding people today won't be the issues challenging the industry six months from now."

That progress on DRM should include getting rid of it all together.


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