EMI Offers DRM-Free Music

Aron Schatz
April 2, 2007

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EMI will offer non-DRMed music over Apple's iTunes Music Store. This is a great thing for consumers and should show the stupid music and media cartels that buying DRMed content is not what consumers want.


Consumers who have already purchased EMI tracks containing Apple's FairPlay copy protection will be able to upgrade them to the premium version for 30 cents, EMI said. Full albums in DRM-free form can be bought at the same price as standard iTunes albums. "We are committed to embracing change, and to developing products and services that consumers really want to buy," said Eric Nicoli, chief executive of EMI. Nicoli cited internal EMI tests in which higher-quality, DRM-free songs outsold its lower-quality, copy-protected counterparts 10-to-1.


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