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Aron Schatz
March 1, 2007

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There are three new articles to read at ASE Labs. Be sure to catch up on the latest news and reviews this week. I'll be posting another batch of reviews on Friday.

»Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro


Arctic Cooling steps up to the plate to show off their Freezer 7 Pro LGA 775 style CPU cooler. It is a quiet cooling solution that performs very well. Read the full review.

»DirectX 10 Editorial


What do normal PC users think about Microsoft's decision to lock out its own older operating systems from using their latest API? It is horrible! Read more for the full opinion.

»Fashion In Tech


Has it become cool to be a geek? Tech has become such a large part of our lives that it has become almost unavoidable. The cell phone and digital media player market has become one of the most profitable markets to hardware manufacturers. Why? Because it has become extremely important for us to have the newest, high-tech trendy gear available. Has tech become one of the latest fashions? I think so...


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