Kodak's New Printer Line

February 7, 2007
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This was a necessary move from Kodak. They've been constantly losing money since people started printing their own digital photos at home. Becoming competitive in the printer market is a perfect solution. They still get to make money printing people's photos at labs, and now at home. With ink prices as low as they intend to make them, I think I'll give their printers a try. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17003995/


"Kodak said it will in March start sales of 3 EasyShare All-in-One printers, ranging from $150 to $300, which will print, scan and copy document and photos. Black replacement ink cartridges will sell for about $10, and a color one for about $15, about 50 percent less than its rivals, Kodak said, adding that it will profit on sales of both printers and ink. Kodak said this strategy is meant to disrupt the market dominated by HP, Canon Inc. and Lexmark, where inexpensive printers are sold at a loss, and profits are earned over the long term in sales of replacement ink cartridges. In that model, consumers purchasing ink unknowingly also buy expensive brand-specific technology that is built into each cartridge, Kodak says. “You are throwing that (technology) away and buying a new one every time you buy one of their cartridges, which is pretty expensive stuff, said Cheryl Pohlman, a marketing director at Kodak. “With our system we have put that print head right into the printer... so all you have to buy is ink.”"


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