Battery Start-Up Promises Safer Computing

Aron Schatz
January 30, 2007

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It seems that not only are we concerned with long life in our laptops, but living long ourselves. Having batteries that are less prone to explosions is a good thing.


Boston-Power has been one of the more noteworthy new entrants in part because the somewhat secretive company, which came out of semi-stealth mode late last year, employs many scientists and executives, like Lampe-Onnerud, who have worked in the battery industry for years. Along with showing off the battery publicly for the first time this week, Boston-Power also announced it closed a second round of funding for $15.6 million. There is no magic silver bullet inside the Sonata, Lampe-Onnerud said. Instead, the battery differs from conventional notebook batteries through a large number of design tweaks.


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