Apple Unveils It's Cellular Prodigy

January 9, 2007
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At the Macworld conference Apple finally gave truth to all of the rumors. The "iPhone" really does exist. The "iPhone", though Cisco legally owns the name, will debut with two models (4Gb and 8Gb). Though I'm sure the phone is very nice, it's a little expensive ($499-$599). Cingular will be the exclusive service provider (2-year contract required).


"Jobs called the phone a widescreen iPod, Internet communicator and mobile phone in one. The phone is thinner than a Motorola Q and features no physical buttons. Instead, it employs a revolutionary touch-screen interface that intelligently changes depending upon what a user selects. The Apple leader indicated that the company set out to develop a smart phone that would make today's current smart phones look dumb."

Of course, it will run OSX and much of the same software and widgets. It will also have GSM/EDGE Wi-Fi capabilities. Now, while you are reading this, I'll be purchasing some Cingular shares.


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