Algae: The Next Biofuel Producer

Aron Schatz
December 27, 2006

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Algae is a great producer of many different things such as oxygen. Scientists feel that algae can become insanely good at producing biofuel on the large scale in the next few years. We don't need hype, we need action. Where is the progress on alternate sources of energy?


We are talking pond scum, or algae, a plant that for decades has been prized as a possible commodity crop based on its unparalleled ability to photosynthesize solar energy into plant biomass for food. Unlike most plants, algae shares characteristics of bacteria, and its photosynthetic machinery operates much faster in converting inorganic substances into organic matter. And while plants require a lot of fuel to sow and harvest and additional fertilizer and fresh water to nourish, algae can be continuously harvested from closed water-based bioreactors that require little additional replenishment other than inorganic fuel supplied in the form of waste gas.


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