eSATA Coming Out In Force

Aron Schatz
December 19, 2006

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I understand the need to have a fast external connection port other than the old SCSI stand-by. I don't like how it can only connect one device at a time instead of daisy-chaining multiple devices. They say it isn't there to replace USB... Wait and see for high-speed devices.


The higher speeds of eSATA compared to USB could grow more obvious as consumers try to wrestle with ever-larger quantities of videos, photos, music and other data. "Backing up a terabyte across a USB port would be incredibly painful. That's going to drive demand for a high-speed port like eSATA, said Roger Bradford, who leads storage work for Intel's chipset and graphics marketing group. However, the challenges of eSATA are as considerable as its advantages. First off is the usual chicken-and-egg problem of technology that requires backing from multiple companies. It's not worthwhile for PC makers to add eSATA ports if there aren't eSATA drives, while eSATA drive sales are gated by mainstream availability of built-in eSATA ports.


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