Intel Viiv Still A No Show

Aron Schatz
December 14, 2006

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What is Viiv? Intel's failure of a platform. Viiv doesn't work because people sometimes LIKE to have a device do one thing that it is good at. A computer should not replace a TV. Ohh, and that Intel cannot pull a Centrino style platform on the desktop with the same ease.


The basic idea was a clone of Intel's Centrino strategy: put a colorful sticker on a PC, get PC makers to put a combination of Intel-developed technology inside the PC and reward them with marketing assistance, then blast the airwaves with snappy messages promoting the product. But Centrino took a technology concept that both businesses and consumers were starting to embrace--wireless networking--and made it easier for average PC buyers to understand. In Viiv's case, Intel and its partners are trying get people to use PCs in very different ways while wading into a new world of on-demand content delivery that is still challenging even for established cable and satellite companies.


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