Microsoft Drops VBA Support In Mac Office 2K7

Aron Schatz
December 11, 2006

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In a move that looks to make Mac users purchase a new Windows license, Microsoft is not putting in VBA support in Mac Office 2K7.


Here’s the background. Back in August, Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit updated Mac users on the status of its development efforts for the next version of Office. According to the software giant, things were going well, and we learned that there will be free XML converters for current Office users to read the new Office for Windows' file formats. (However, we've since learned that there will be a three to four month gap between the release of Office for Windows and the availability of the Mac converters. Those could be a few painful months to be a Mac Office user in a Windows environment.) The MacBU also noted that tens of millions of lines of code had been successfully transitioned to Xcode. Amidst all the good news, however, was this little lump of coal, as we reported it then:

Microsoft also indicates that it is discontinuing support of Visual Basic (VB) scripting in the next version of Office for Mac, but on the flip side, the company said it's going to increase support for standard Mac scripting methods like AppleScript and Automator.


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