Microsoft's Bullying Tactics in MA

Aron Schatz
December 4, 2006

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Reading this article just makes Microsoft look like the steaming pile that they are. Microsoft tried so hard to influence the MA government to stop ODF from becoming the standard. Microsoft refuses to play with the community and instead forces people to submit to them.


But Kriss insisted that the ODF policy wasn't intended to be anti-Microsoft. He said technical people at Microsoft told him it would be "trivial" to add support for ODF to the new Office 2007. The resistance to doing so came from the vendorís business side, according to Kriss. Yates told Computerworld in an interview last month that ODF "came up late in the development process for Office 2007" and that the standard "really isn't finished." He also said Microsoft was "surprised" when Massachusetts issued the ODF mandate and dropped what he claimed was an earlier agreement for the state to accept Office file formats as being open.


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