Corel Office To Support ODF And MS Office

Aron Schatz
November 29, 2006

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A word processor is basically the same. Not matter what program you use, as long as it uses ODF, you are fine. Corel is taking the step and support ODF as well as MS Office document formats. Corel may get a leg up due to ODF's push.


On Thursday, Microsoft is set to release to businesses Office 2007, an upgrade of its productivity suite which introduces an XML-based file format called Office Open XML. Because so many more documents will be created in that format, Corel has decided to make opening and editing those document types an option in the WordPerfect word processor as well as in the company's presentation application and Quattro Pro spreadsheet, said Richard Carriere, general manager of office productivity for Corel. In addition, Corel in the middle of next year will allow people to open and view word processor documents stored in the OpenDocument format, or ODF.


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