UK Votes To Keep Copyrights At 50 Years

Aron Schatz
November 27, 2006

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Another sane ruling by the people of the UK. The government has decided to not extend the copyright monopoly to 95 years. In the US, we have a much longer copyright term which is terrible. How does this entice artists? Copyrights should be merged with patents and should only last a minimum amount of time.


It also means the earliest official recordings from The Beatles, from 1963, will be out of copyright in 2013. Music journalist Neil McCormack told BBC Radio Five Live it was a blow to the industry. "This was set before the advent, the big boom of rock and roll. The boom in popular culture which has led to a whole vast number of people making their living from these royalties. "You can make a record in 1955 and have been getting royalties... been living on that and suddenly they're gone."

Solution: Get off your ass and get a job. Making something in 1955 does not entitle you to extort money from people for the rest of your life.


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