Finally: 120Hz Refresh For LCDs

Aron Schatz
November 20, 2006

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There are manufacturers that are producing LCD TVs that are using a high refresh rate. Your eyes will thank you.


A new technology refreshes TV images at 120 to 100 hertz, or 120 to 100 times a second, versus the 60 hertz rate of typical LCDs (liquid crystal displays). This effectively doubles the number of images per second, which leads to a smoother visual presentation to human eyes. Known as motion-compensated frame interpolation, or MCFI, the technology is just starting to appear in high-end TVs. The additional images, moreover, aren't static repeats of the image that came before them. Instead, the new images are composites of two successive images. The TV's internal microprocessors try to compensate for what the additional frame might have looked like had it been inserted into the film.


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