Text Message Spam

Aron Schatz
November 15, 2006

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The crazy people that continue to use text messaging for all communications run the risk of getting bombarded by spam. I am ready to stop all text service on my cell phone. I'd rather have a conversation that read a text message. Are we that anti-social?


The 40-year-old sales executive from Los Angeles said he uses text messaging sporadically to contact friends, so he was extremely annoyed when he started getting text messages offering him a deal to buy or rent a time-share from Webuyresorts.com. Even though the unwanted messages were costing Paul 10 cents a pop, he said he wasn't as annoyed about the cost, because he had only received a few of these messages. Instead, he was concerned that his cell phone would soon be hijacked by marketers, including his own cell phone provider, contacting him with unwanted advertisements.


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