GPL For Solaris?

Aron Schatz
November 14, 2006

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First Sun will GPL Java, and now Solaris? It is pretty insane that Sun is going all the way to GPL to the code rather than sticking with something a bit more unrestrictive (in terms of derivative works also being under the GPL).


"Will you GPL Solaris, Mr. Green?" Sun Chief Executive Jonathan Schwartz asked Green. "We will take a very close look at it," Green said. "The familiarity and comfort level with the license we've chosen for Java doubtless is going to drive a lot of the decision-making, going forward, with the existing technologies that we've open-sourced." Green also said he wasn't averse to changing Solaris' license and that outsiders responded warmly to Sun's decision to use GPL for Java. "I think today's event and the feedback we received today really cast a very, very positive light on our choices going forward," he said.


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