Vista Gone Gold

Aron Schatz
November 9, 2006

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The business versions of Vista are off to manufacturing. Let the champagne flow at Microsoft while people say "no thanks" to their new OS. Who here is really going to run out and purchase Vista?


As we revealed last week, Microsoft now starts the countdown clock to the official launch of Vista and Office 2007 to the business community, which will take place on November 30. This will be bookended by a 'consumer launch' which we've already tipped as January 30 2007, although Microsoft spokespeople are still towing the company line of 'late January' rather than circle a specific day on the calendar. Vista RTM followed the announcement Monday of Office 2007 RTM, so we expect quite a bit of partying at Microsoft's sprawling Redmond campus. The Vista gold code (christened with the build number 6000) will be available for download to members of the MSDN network within the next seven days, along with Office 2007, so next week should be a big one for downloading.


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