Zune Doesn't Plays For Sure

Aron Schatz
November 7, 2006

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The new music service from Microsoft will not be compatible with its own music player. Plays For Sure? I doubt that. When Microsoft disregards its own device in favor of increased DRM, there's something wrong. Well, Microsoft is wrong... again.


The problem has arisen because tracks from the MSN Music site are compatible with the specifications of the Plays For Sure initiative. This was intended to re-assure consumers as it guaranteed that music bought from services backing it would work with players that supported it. MSN Music, Napster, AOL Music Now and Urge all backed Plays For Sure as did many players from hardware makers such as Archos, Creative, Dell and Iriver. In a statement a Microsoft spokesperson said: "Since Zune is a separate offering that is not part of the Plays For Sure ecosystem, Zune content is not supported on Plays For Sure devices."


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