Stallman Too Pigheaded For GPL?

Aron Schatz
October 23, 2006

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I seem to read all these articles saying how Stallman will fragment the open source community. There are two conflicting ideas. Free software and open source. It is a large debate.


But while Torvalds has been enshrined as the Linux movement's creator, a lesser-known programmer--infamously more obstinate and far more eccentric than Torvalds--wields a startling amount of control as this revolution's resident enforcer. Richard M. Stallman is a 53-year-old anticorporate crusader who has argued for 20 years that most software should be free of charge. He and a band of anarchist acolytes long have waged war on the commercial software industry, dubbing tech giants "evil" and "enemies of freedom" because they rake in sales and enforce patents and copyrights--when he argues they should be giving it all away.


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