Vista To Control Your Computer

Aron Schatz
October 5, 2006

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Microsoft will have complete control over your computer with its genuine disadvantage program. The program will now be able to severely lock out the computer from use if you have a 'nonlegit' copy. Basically, Microsoft owns you.


Under that scenario, a person could use the browser to surf the Web, access documents on the hard drive or log onto Web-based e-mail. But the user would not be able to directly open documents from the computer desktop or run other programs such as Outlook e-mail software, Lindeman said. Microsoft said it won't stop a computer running pirated Vista software from working completely, and it will continue to deliver critical security updates. Still, the much harsher tactics contrast to Microsoft's earlier anti-piracy measures, which have involved instituting tougher piracy checks for Windows XP users who want to get free add-ons such as anti-spyware programs. In most cases, these were seen as annoying, rather than debilitating.


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