HiDef DVD Recorders Japan Only

Aron Schatz
October 3, 2006

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It seems that the Japanese companies don't know how to market products or are too stupid to realize that consumers don't need these new hidef disks. The player/recorder models of set top boxes will not be sold in the US. Japanese companies are stupid.


The high prices for these devices also militate against a worldwide launch in the near future. Panasonic's BW 200 and BW 100 Blu-ray recorders sell for 300,000 and 240,000 yen, respectively. That's about $2,500 and $2,200. Sony's player sells in the same price range. Toshiba's player sells for 398,000 yen, although HD players use less-expensive components. Ohmori, however, said that's because Toshiba puts 1 terabyte of hard-drive storage in its player/recorder. The drive on the most expensive Panasonic unit is half the size at 500GB. High-definition video gobbles up a lot of hard-drive space. A dual-layer Blu-ray disk with 50GB on it can hold six hours of HD video, a Panansonic representative said.


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