Fourth Amendment No More

Aron Schatz
September 29, 2006

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The House just approved the warrantless wireless tapping bill. This is a terrible day for America. Hopefully the Senate will be smarter and NOT allow this kind of crap to happen. If it does become a law, a judge should have no problem in overturning it due to the precendent set in the Bill Of Rights. These assholes in government need to know that people will not stand for their freedoms being violated in this manner.


The Senate also could vote on a similar bill before Congress recesses at the end of the week. Leaders concede that differences between the versions are so significant they cannot reconcile them into a final bill that can be delivered to Bush before the Nov. 7 congressional elections. For its part, the White House announced it strongly supported passage of the House version but wasn't satisfied with it, adding that the administration "looks forward to working with Congress to strengthen the bill as it moves through the legislative process."


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