Telecoms Feeling The Pretexting Heat

Aron Schatz
September 26, 2006

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I think privacy violations like these should be held accountable by the company that wanted the information and the company that failed to protect the consumer details. HP and these telecoms should be brought up and made an example of.


Some telecom providers appear to have bolstered their security earlier this year after pretexting became the subject of congressional hearings and private lawsuits unrelated to HP's current woes. AT&T said last week that in a memo to its call centers it put in place additional verification requirements, though the company would not detail those measures. Cingular said it no longer permitted its representatives to divulge records of phone calls over the phone to customers. The HP investigators who placed pretext calls used remarkable ingenuity in extracting information from the telecommunications companies--this technique of getting people to divulge confidential information is broadly known as "social engineering."


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