Worst... DRM... Ever...

Aron Schatz
September 18, 2006
Tags DRM Rights

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Some stupid company in Taiwan wants to embed RFID tags in optical disks. This is the worst piece of technology ever. Region locks are crap and finding out where media is being played and being reported to the companies? I'm sorry, once I buy something, your rights to that physical media are now gone. I own it.


The technology, which can also be used for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs, will allow movie studios to remotely track individual discs as they travel from factories to retail shelves to consumers' homes. Home DVD players will eventually be able to check on the chip embedded in a disc, and refuse to play discs which are copied or played in the 'wrong' geographical region, the companies behind the technology expect. "This technology holds the potential to protect the intellectual property of music companies, film studios, gaming and software developers worldwide," said Gordon Yeh, chief executive of Ritek Corporation.


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