Blu-Ray Laser Problems Delay PS3 Launch

Logan King
September 14, 2006

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While the Japanese and American launches of November 11th and 17th (respectively) are safe, the European launch date has been pushed back into March of next year. The amount of units has dropped drastically down to only 500,000 PS3's worldwide (which is even less than the infamous PS2 launch.) The announcement led Sony's recently rebounding stock to drop a full percent on the Nikkei Dow before closing.


Sony is the principal supplier of blue laser diodes, not only for its own Blu-ray Disc players and PS3 consoles, but also for other BD manufacturers as well, including player makers Matsushita, Pioneer and Philips. Sony also supplies diodes for Blu-ray burners. Two months ago, Taiwan BD burner maker Lite-on IT, which also produces drives under the BenQ brand, voiced its concern in Taiwan's Commercial Times that Sony may have earmarked so many blue laser diodes for its own PS3 that it could not fill orders for other customers.


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