Apple iPod In For It?

Aron Schatz
August 23, 2006

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As if anyone is doubting that Apple will be releases a new iPod soon, the situation is worse for Microsoft's PlaysForSure camp. With the release of Zune in the future, what does Microsoft need from third party players? Monolopy extension into other markets...


"That's a big part of what I think SanDisk and every other hardware manufacturer has to be wondering," McGuire said. "What's going to happen when Zune hits the marketplace?" IDC's Kevorkian said that the software maker may be waiting to see how well it does before deciding how much effort to continue to put into PlaysForSure. "Microsoft is in a position where they can hedge their bets," she said, but added "if Zune is successful in the short or long term, we believe the Microsoft is going to de-emphasize (the) Windows Media technology."


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