Artists Complain About iTunes

Aron Schatz
August 21, 2006
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When the music artists complain about iTunes and not getting enough money, this is because they have a contract with the RIAA that rapes them on digital downloads. Anyone that thinks that the artist is losing because of digital downloads is comletely wrong (except by DRM). If the artist would sell directly on iTunes, they could pocket all the profit. Get rid of the RIAA.


But the artists argue online distribution leaves them with too small a profit. And, they say, iTunes wrecks the artistic integrity of an album by allowing songs to be purchased by the track for 99 cents. Some bands, such as AC/DC have released albums on other, more flexible sites, but not iTunes. "We've always thought certain artists put out albums that aren't meant to be compilations with 50 other artists," said Ed "Punch" Andrews, manager for both Seger and Kid Rock. "We're hoping at some point albums become important again like they were in the past 30 years."


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