802.11n: Not Until 2008

Aron Schatz
August 19, 2006

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The 802.11n standard that would provide a nice boost of speed and features will not be ratified until 2008. IEEE is shooting themselves in the foot. There needs to be standards pushed out faster. The world moves too fast to wait over this. Companies are already pouring pre-n stuff onto the market.


Rolf Devegt, senior director of business development at Airgo Networks, argued that the Wi-Fi Alliance should begin 801.11n interoperability testing now to avoid even more delays. "Typically the Wi-Fi Alliance starts interoperability certification after standard ratification, but they should start certification before the standard is ratified, like they did with the 802.11i standard." Devegt predicted that Draft 2.0 of 802.11n will be stable enough to proceed with final ratification in the first half of 2008.


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